737 SHAKER is an audiovisual production studio specializing in animated series, Video game production and Interactive content production. 737 SHAKER was set up by Grupo Secuoyas as a new line of business focusing on the production of audio-visual content related to animation (series and feature length). Creation, management and development of international entertainment brands.

737SHaker is currently producing the animated series Jelly Jamm . Jelly Jamm is an animated series whose goal is to become an International Kids Entertainment Brand. It's target audience is 4-6 year-olds witha budget of 7.4 MM €.

Among the people involved with the Jelly Jamm project are Carlos L. Del Rey, Victor M. Lopez and David Cantolla .

On Jammbo , the planet where all the music in the Universe comes from, live Mina, Ongo, Bello, Goomo and Rita, five friends who are so different, they could each be from another world. Nevertheless, they will learn to love one another and to enjoy the rhythm of each day. Everything on Jammbo has its own unique sounds and traits. Music is the fuel that powers the planet. The plants, animals and people all need it to survive.

Jelly Jamm is co-produced with: Shaker has also teamed with CAT (Círculo de Arte y Tecnología de Segovia) as a strategic partner in the series’ production.

737 SHAKER has offices in Madrid and Segovia. The studio in Madrid is located at Calle Pantoja 6, and is where management , 2-D, storyline, modelling, layout and ilumination teams operate. The studio in Segovia is located in the Casa Oxidada, owned by CAT (Círculo de Arte y Tecnología de Segovia), and is where the 3-D animation and rendering teams work.

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