Dodos are small sausage dog like creatures with many varieties. Most of the time they're silent, but sometimes communicate by squeaking noises. They're also scared off by loud noises and sudden movements. The Dodos are usually found in groups. Dodos themselves are very strong, a single Dodo is capable of supporting the King using a harness that holds up a throne. Dodos are very task oriented, dutifully working at a brisk and seemingly unending pace to work The Music Factory and provide music for all The Universe. Dodos love music and tend to be drawn to the sound of it, eagerly singing or humming along.

Types of Dodos

Forest Dodos

Img dodos attach

Forest Dodo

Forest Dodos are small with green faces, and they're very common throughout Jammbo and are seemingly the most abundant varient. This variety is often found on the ground.

Sky Dodos

Blue dodo

Sky Dodos are much like Forest Dodos except they can fly and are blue. This variety tends to be found in the sky.

Red Dodos

Bull Dodos

Water Dodos

White Dodos

White Dodos are extremely rare, with only four of them existing in the entire galaxy. They travel to spread music around while occasionally landing to rest. Ongo speaks their language and gets along well with the White Dodo that visited Jammbo in White Dodo. They can also hear any tune in the universe, no matter how far away they are.
Butterfly Dodo 2

Butterfly Dodo

Dark blue dodo

A Giant Blue Dodo

Mountain Dodos (Pink)

Quarry Dodos (Orange)

Butterfly Dodos

Butterfly Dodos are much smaller than Forest Dodos and have orange bodies with pink wings and green tails. They're very gentle and eat pollen. Much like real butterflies they hang around flowers, so they may also drink nectar.

Dodo Owl

Yellow Dodos

Purple Dodos

Giant Blue Dodos

Seen once in Flying Lies and again in Agent Mina.

Dodo Dragon

It's unknown if these are real or not, but Goomo and Bello seem to believe magic shoes might give them one in Goomo's Race.


Dodo egg hatched

Dodos hatch from eggs that are the same color scheme as their species. When the egg hatches, they glow bright light. Baby Dodos look much like adults but are smaller and more rounded. Baby Dodos have a tendency to change colour, making it somewhat ambiguous what variety they are, as revealed in Mamma Mina.


Dodos have a strange diet that can consist of things from fruit and sap to being capable of eating metal and electrical wires without harm or discomfort as seen in Soundcatchers.










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Dodo egg hatched
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