Jelly Jamm
Genre Animated

Children Musical Comedy Adventure

Format Animated series
Created by Carlos L. Del Rey, Victor M. Lopez and David Cantolla
Voices of Lizzie Waterworth-Sante
Emma Weaver
Isabella Blake-Thomas
Maria Darling
Adam Longworth
Beth Chalmers
Opening theme Let's Go Together
Theme Music Composer Guille Milkyway 

Paul Bevoir

Composer(s) Milkyway Studios
Country of origin United Kingdom


Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 77
Executive producer(s) Victor M. Lopez

David Cantolla
Steven J. Posner

Running time 11 minutes
Production Company(s) Vodka Capital

BIGPICTURE Productions

Original channel Cartoonito, Cartoon Network, Clan and Milkshake! (UK)

Clan, RTVE and Cartoonito (Spain)

Original airing September 5, 2011-2013
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Learn how to live in harmony on Planet Jammbo

— Tagline

Jelly Jamm is a 3D Spanish-British animated series aimed at young children produced by Vodka Capital 737SHAKER, RTVE, Bandai and BIGPICTURE Productions. The series officially premiered on September 5, 2011.


The series follows Bello, Mina, Rita, Goomo and Ongo as they have adventures on planet Jammbo and learn about life, friendship and harmony.

Show Description [1]

Welcome to Jelly Jamm! When you hear this music, it means you've reached planet Jammbo! A world full of happiness, games, harmony, and music! The small Dodos bring life to the planet and from The Music Factory they send songs to the entire universe! In Jelly Jamm, you'll meet new friends: fun Bello, innocent Goomo, brilliant Mina, little Rita, quiet Ongo, the amusing King and his sweet Queen. Dance and play with them! Visit Jammbo where you'll experience a thousand adventures to the rhythm of the music. Bello, Goomo, Mina, Rita and Ongo are waiting to play with you! Live a thousand jelly adventures on Jelly Jamm!