Just Do It is a quick song heard in some episodes.


J-U-S-T-D-O-I-T, yeah!

Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today!

Just do it, yeah!

There's a road you can follow that never leads another way!

Just do it, yeah!

There's a chance to make it!

Go ahead and take it!

J-U-S-T-D-O-I-T, yeah!

All those things you dare to dream about,

disappear in a moment if you stop to wait

Can be too late, they might be gone

Those things you love to talk about,

disappear in a moment if you blink your eye

Think fast, you might be by surprise

J-U-S-T-D-O-I-T, yeah!

Just do it!

J-U-S-T-D-O-I-T, yeah!


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