Many plants grow on Jammbo, this page is for cataloging all varieties until individual pages can be made.

Musical Key Flowers - The children step on and press them to create music like a video game.

Cymbal Flowers- These saucer-like plants are like the cymbals of a drum kit.

Jelly Berry bushes - The Jelly Berries are embedded within the bush. When children eat them, it changes their voices like when you suck helium from a balloon. Unlike helium however, Jelly Berries can change voices in ways other than causing a falsetto.

Pinata Fruit - A type of fruit filled with candy that produces sounds when you chew it.

Swivel Trees- A type of Gangly trees that have blocky and sinuous shape and a rotary like top. It is assumed these tops can be spun.

Drum Flowers- A type of flower that produces a percussion sound when hit on the face of the plant. Similar to the Bongo Mushrooms in function, the Drum Flowers' face faces horizontally.

Bongo Mushrooms- A type of fungi that produces a percussion sound when hit on the face of the plant. Similar to the Drum Flowers in function, the Bongo Mushrooms' face faces vertically.

Whistle Nut Trees - A type of tree that produces Whistle Nuts seasonally.

Burst Into Song Flowers - A type of flower that sings and dances and only grows in Spring.

Jelly Apples - A type of apples that are presumed to be filled with Jelly.

Goo Goo Berries - A type of berry filled with a glowing green goo.

Rattle Flowers - The Jingle bell's ringing warns when meteor showers will soon occur.

Vuvuzela Plants- As annoying as the real thing!

Sound Spewers - Swells and deflates noisily as it spews music bubbles or an inky substance. It makes the sound of a party blower.

Hedges - There are holes in them where the children can play hide and seek, look through and take naps inside.

Lamp Flowers - They light up when they hear well composed sounds.

Musical Bamboo Plant

Song Fruit

Bell Flowers

Ringing Flowers

Microphone Reeds

Organ Pipe Plants

Trumpet Tree

Tambourine Flower

Harp Bushes

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