Mina Vector
Alias: Mad Scientist Girl, Miss Know-It -All, Inventor Girl.
Species: Jammbonian
Gender: Female
Residence: Mina's Lab
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Rita, Ongo, Goomo, Bello
Physical Information
Black (Occasionally shown to have blue irises, though much less frequently than any other character)
White muscle shirt, blue shorts with two white stripes and flip-flops.
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The Instant Gardener
Voiced by:
Emma Weaver
Mina is one of five children living on Jammbo. Mina's aspirations and values as a scientist often leads her to wonder what will happen next, and what the results of any given situation might be. She is a hard worker and often looked to to solve any number of problems her friends might face. (voiced by Emma Weaver (UK), Isacha Mengibar (Spain), Faith Hayley Negrin (US), Lara Jill Miller (US on Disney Junior)).


Mina is a reliable and serious inventor, creating miraculous things from a growth serum to an invisibility ray and is therefore the one everyone turns to when things go awry. Mina's scientific curiosity can often cause Mina to ignore the implications of what she's doing, and without thinking about how it will make others feel like in Experiments in Invisibility. Mina tries to fit in with the other children of Jammbo, but often fails to due to her maturity and misunderstanding of how to interact socially. Regardless, Mina deeply cares about her friends and is quick to apologize once her shortsightedness is brought her attention. She also has a tendency to be awkward and silly, in ways that are amusing to her, but look ridiculous to others, leading her to be ridiculed.









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When ur such a nerd u gotta put urself in the locker
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  • Mina apparently has a habit for claiming each experiment is her last, when what she really means is latest, as shown in Rhythm Judge.
    • In the same episode it's also claimed that she calls all her experiments the "___" 6000, she insists it's a scientist thing.
  • Mina has a tendency to stuff herself in a locker when she's scared or stressed.
  • She resembles Megan Sparkles and Belle Pepper from Sanjay and Craig.
  • Mina almost has a quite resemblance to queen