(The scene opens on a wide view of the Queen's garden as a ball slowly falls into it from the sky. Cut to the ball bouncing around the garden then off screen, as the camera pans across the many plants. It cuts to two more scenes of the garden as Bello and Rita talk off screen)

Bello: Are you sure the jelly ball landed in the queen's garden?

Rita: Yes! Yes! I've seen it, I've seen it!

Bello: This is full of plants...

Rita: Have you found it?

Bello: No.

(Finally it pans onto Bello and Rita searching for the ball in a hedge, Rita's head peeking through a hole in it)

Rita: Have you found it now?

Bello: No.

Rita: And now?

Bello: (Looking grumpy) No.

(Bello and Rita move away from the bush to look out at the rest of the garden)

Bello: We'll never find the ball

(Behind Bello, Rita runs off and giggles)

Bello: not in a million- (Gasps) Look! (Picks up the ball from behind a bush) Here it is!

(Cut to Rita using a shovel to play with a patch of Musical Key Flowers)

Rita: How fun! (giggles) Fun!

(Tossing the ball away Bello zips over to join her)

Bello: Woohoo!

(Rita continues to play with the keys before glancing off screen, a grin spreading on her face. Rita launches the shovel into the air and runs off)

Rita: Woo!

(Bello runs in, catching the shovel in midair and lines up to play with the keys, but is cut off by Rita calling from off screen )

Rita: Look! Look!

(Cut to Rita sitting in a wheel barrow with a bucket on her head)

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